Gathering the international social enterprise community in Christchurch last September acted as a strong catalyst for our sector.

It gave shape and profile to our growing movement, instilled a sense of solidarity and enhanced ambition. Since then, a lot of activities have been undertaken, a lot of projects have seen the light of the day, and a lot of new partnerships have emerged. Let’s reflect and celebrate! 

Let’s also look forward. As social entrepreneurs, change makers, advisors, sustainability champions, students, māori, and people like yourself, we see problems in our communities that are not being addressed and we strive to create sustainable mechanisms for funding the solutions that will solve the roots of these problems and create positive impact. 

Transforming our economy means valuing economic growth in a different way. It means thinking about business in a different, more hopeful and more innovative way.

It’s about harnessing value creation to mitigate social inequalities and environmental threats, or even better, to accelerate positive change and progress for our communities and our planet.

There is mana when we come together as a sector. We can learn from one another and demonstrate our collective impact so that policy can be created, markets can be activated, funding can be unlocked and New Zealand can become an example on a global stage for using business as a force for good.

Run by the Ākina Foundation, the Aotearoa Social Enterprise Forum will offer a series of opportunities to engage with social enterprise, including panel discussions, interactive sessions, practical learning workshops, and networking.

We expect 300 players and supporters of the sector to gather in Wellington for the Forum and take part in the conversation. 

Sustainability at ASEF 2018

Just as sustainability is at the heart of future-proofing, we’re working towards an event that’s:

  • Zero Waste
  • Zero Carbon Emissions accredited

Our venue, the Wellington Zoo, is a CarboNZero certified venue and we are working with Ekos to offset the carbon emissions we are bringing through air travel, transport to the venue and food.

Read more about our Zero Carbon Event here

We will not be offering attendee swag bags, and recommend bringing along reusable items for the day.

Logos for Supply (1).png
We’ve implemented a social procurement policy that will enable us to support local social enterprises.

This means purchasing from social enterprises first, then local suppliers, then everyone else.

To get in touch with us about becoming a partner email


Our Team

Corey Jarrett
Finance, Partnerships, & Experience

Helene Malandain
Programme Lead & Stakeholder Engagement

Kareena Harris
Logistics, Experience, & Communications