19 October 2018
8:00am - 5:30pm

We’ve designed the programme with social entrepreneurs in mind.


But there will also be plenty of content for those who provide support to social entrepreneurs. Business leaders and sustainability managers can join in the conversation on social procurement, intermediaries will gather to push the boundaries of capability building in the regions, policy makers will have a chance to hear from social entrepreneurs themselves what sort of policy changes will really enable them, investors will leave with a better understanding of the opportunity impact investing represents, etc.

Whilst the morning plenary will be an opportunity to look at the big picture, exploring how far we have travelled as a sector in the last 12 months and envisioning the year ahead,

the breakout sessions will be practical, participative and interactive and will cover a range of topics for learning, debate and co-creation.

There will be 14 sessions on offer throughout the day.

Everyone who attends can expect to be energised from new connections, fresh ideas, and clarity whether they’re growing a social enterprise, building a community, supporting their whānau or articulating  their impact.

When You Arrive

7:30 - 8:30am at Zoo entrance
8:30 - 9:00am at Wild Theatre

with Hon Peeni Henare, Minister for Community and Voluntary Sector, Daniel Warsaw and Te Puoho Katene
Opening Plenary
Building Aotearoa’s Ecosystem

9:00 - 10:00am at Wild Theatre

Panel: Louise Aitken, MJ Kaplan, Matthew Luxon, Te Puoho Katene

Morning Tea 10:00 - 10:30am
Morning Timetable 10:30am - 12:00pm
Mini Plenary 1
Measuring Impact

at Wild Theatre

"How do we ensure social enterprise activities are connected to impact outcomes?"

Panel: Alison Taylor (Chair), Samantha Ryan, Kristin Fanselow, Nina Yousefpour

Participative Session 1
Policy Supporting Social Enterprise
at Kamalas
Session Partner: Iron Duke

"How can policy aid or inhibit the growth of a social enterprise?"

Panel: Phil O'Reilly ONZM (Chair), Sam Stubbs, Dorothy Adams, Erik Zydervelt, Karen Hope-Cross

Participative Session 2
Māori and Indigenous Enterprise
at The Living Room

"What does Social Enterprise mean to us as Tangata Whenua? "

Panel: Kaye Maree Dunn (Chair), Cain Kerehoma, Sacha McMeeking, Chanelle Armstrong
Workshop 1
Getting Procurement Ready
at Archibald Centre

"How can my social enterprise prepare for ‘battle’?"

with Ākina and Social Traders
Lunch Break 12:00 - 1:30pm
Midday Timetable 1:30 - 3:00pm
Mini Plenary 2
Social Procurement
at Wild Theatre

"How do we bridge the gap between Buyers and Suppliers?"

Panel: Dr. Seán Barnes (Chair), Geoff Walker, Joe Yousseff, Susan Haynes, Hiria te Rangi, Kate Saporta
Participative Session 3
The Wellington Ecosystem
at Kamalas

"What else can we put in place so that the potential of Wellington and its creative, innovative, entrepreneurial residents can be realised?"

Panel: Laura Ansell (Chair), Nick Churchouse, Anna Calver, Silvia Zuur, Bart De Vries
Participative Session 4
Unlocking Social Enterprise for Youth
at The Living Room

"How can rangatahi engage with social enterprise, and why is it important for the sector and a thriving society."

Panel: Lingy Au (Chair), Noa Woolloff, Justine Munro, Colin Kennedy, Guy Ryan
Workshop 2
Social Enterprise Legal Structures
at Archibald Centre

"What does a SE legal structure look like that enables New Zealand’s sector to thrive?"

with Steven Moe and Jackson Rowland
Afternoon Tea 3:00 - 3:30pm
Afternoon Timetable 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Mini Plenary 3
Activating Impact Investment in Aotearoa
at Wild Theatre

"How can impact focused entrepreneurs better access funds to grow? What needs to be activated in the investment space to allow this to happen?"

Panel: David Allison (Chair), Jamie Newth, Rebecca Stewart, Michael Elwood-Smith
Participative Session 5
Environmental Accountability in Social Enterprise
at Kamalas
Session Partner: Wellington Zoo

"How can we leverage the social enterprise model to accelerate progress towards holistically reporting environmental accountability?"

Panel: Gareth Cartwright (Chair), Bernadette Casey, Daniel Warsaw, Pattraporn(Dao) Yamla-or, Livia Esterhazy
Participative Session 6
Facilitating Change for Communities by Communities
at The Living Room

"How can capability building with social and community entrepreneurs activate change in our communities? What opportunities are being tapped, what opportunities remain untapped?"

Panel: Zara Losch (Chair), Megan Courtney (Chair), Nicola Patrick, Tricia Fitzgerald, Cherie Tirikatene

Workshop 3
Focusing on Impact
at Archibald Centre

"How do you know that what you are doing is going to work, and achieve social or environmental impact?"

with Clementine Baker

To Wrap Up

Closing Plenary
5:00 - 5:30pm at Wild Theatre

with Samantha Jones, Mike Taitoko and Kath Dewar

Closing Drinks
5:30 - 8:00pm at Kamalas
Closing Partner: Grant Thornton



Our Speakers

Louise Aitken
Ākina Foundation
Lingy Au
Programme Director & Innovation Consultant
Creative HQ, Venture Up
Dr. Seán Barnes
Manager and Social Procurement Lead
Ākina Foundation
Bernadette Casey
Creative Director
The Formary
Megan Courtney
Team Coordination Lead
Inspiring Communities
Kaye Maree Dunn
Special Projects Manager, Managing Director
Māori Womens Development Inc, Making Everything Achievable, Indigital Blockchain Limited.
Lani Evans
Vodafone New Zealand Foundation, Thankyou Payroll, Peter McKenzie Project
Kristin Fanselow
Incubation Lead & Senior Project Manager
Social Value Aotearoa
Tricia Fitzgerald
Director of Fitzgerald & Associates and Chair of Social Enterprise Auckland
Susan Haynes
National Manager, Procurement
Department of Corrections
Samantha Jones
Little Yellow Bird, Origins, EHF
MJ Kaplan
MJ Kaplan Consulting
Colin Kennedy
Head of Operations / Head of YES
Young Enterprise Trust
Cain Kerehoma
Social Enterprise Tairāwhiti
Zara Losch
Hubs programme
Ākina Foundation
Matthew Luxon
Sector Engagement Lead
The Impact Initiative
Steven Moe
Senior Associate, Author of "Social Enterprises in New Zealand, A Legal Handbook"
Parry Field Lawyers
Jamie Newth
CEO @ Soul Capital, Impact Investment National Advisory Board, Lecturer at UoA Business School
Phil O'Reilly ONZM
Managing Director
Iron Duke Partners
Nicola Patrick
Thrive Whanganui
Samantha Ryan
Head of Product
Eruera Tarena
Kaihautū/Executive Director
Tokona te Raki: Māori Futures Collective
Alison Taylor
Centre for Social Impact
Geoff Walker
Finance Manager
Trade Aid
Daniel Warsaw
General Manager Business and Partnerships
Wellington Zoo Trust
Joe Youssef
All Heart NZ



Throughout the week, we’ll be raising a stage for other organisations who’d like to host their own community events.

These events will be happening between 15-18 October, in Wellington CBD.